Froot Orleans

*Our Story*

Froot Orleans is the #1 family-owned and locally operated fruit parlor in New Orleans, LA. 

Since December 2014, Mannie King and his family has provided fresh fruit inside the city, and neighboring parishes for over 200,000+ people. Over the past 9 years Froot Orleans has opened a series of mobile fruit stands ranging in a multitude of setup phases. You could be bringing the babies to school with no worries of having them miss out on a healthy morning breakfast because Froot Orleans has created a solution by opening up a earl morning fruit stand which opens as early as 7am.. Than, if you just so happen to be a late night snacker OR a overnight worker Froot Orleans has created a solution for you also by opening up numerus "Late Night" mobile fruit stands serving fresh fruit bowls, smoothies, salads, juices and 100% vegan friendly foods.

Our mission is to heal our city with sincere intent, dedicated service, and fresh FROOT. 




Froot Orleans offers flexible hours, desired pay, and a positive working environment for good hard work people.

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Every great business breeds new business. Froot Orleans offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to own and operate your own fruit stand.

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